Hello everyone,
I hope you all are safe.
I don't usually use social media for these kinds of personal reasons, but my situation is getting a bit complicated.
In January, I came to the United States with a tourist visa in order to take some private lessons, get to know New York, and visit some friends. I met a lot of inspiring and wonderful people that I will never forget.
Since Covid-19 happened, I'm not able to go back to Argentina. Every flight has been cancelled until at least September 2.
My financial situation is very complicated (my B-2 visa doesn't allow me to work in any way in this country). My ways of earning income have been reduced to online lessons, mostly for students in Argentina, and recordings. Because of a few things (like devaluation), people can pay a maximum of around 8 dollars an hour, plus taxes (the government charges me 30% every time I convert money). ATMs also charge at least 3 dollars on every transaction, as well as the limit that banks are imposing (I can only buy/convert a limit of USD 200 per month by Argentinian law 27.541).
My tourist visa expires in the next few days, and becoming an immigrant in this country means real problems in the future. That's why I had to apply to the I-539 form (extension of my tourist visa) The I-539 filing fee remains $370, but every applicant must pay an $85 biometric services fee at the time the application(s) are submitted to USCIS. That is a total of USD 455 that I paid with borrowed money.
I've been very lucky because people has been supporting me tremendously in a financial and emotional way from the very beginning. I can't be thankful enough for all what they have been doing for me. But this situation, it's getting very unstable and there is not a clear way to know when all of this pandemic thing is going to end,
That's why I'm coming up with some ideas to be able to: pay back, survive, and save some money to be able to get an emergency airplane when the chance shows up.
First, I'm looking for work!
I have experience working on:
-Editing, Mixing and Mastering audio for a long time.
-Recording trombones for any kind of project.
-Teaching Trombone technique, improvisation, music theory and use of Ableton Live (creative live processing, sampling, recording, mix, and more).
-Design of websites:
But I'm more than open to any kind of ideas and suggestions, and will do any kind of job.
On the other hand, I've been preparing 3 amazing high quality recordings that will be released next Friday, July 3rd to use Bandcamp support for Artists:
(links will be ready soon):
-Trio with Ignacio Martin and Ale López playing some original songs recorded on my last day in Buenos Aires in Estudio Los Elefantes by Juan Belvis.
-Duo with Javier Bustos- trombone processed set and Javi playing his amazing set of objects and electronics recorded by Eric Kamatsu in El Cubo.
-And the Amazing duo recording with Weston Olencki of our two sets of electronics in the woods.
Everything has been made by self-management, with a big amount of passion, time, and the emotional support of a lot of wonderful people.
Also, my album Quisiera Barnizarlo Todo, with Camila Nebbia, Carlos Quebrada, Andres Elstein, Violeta Garcia and Jorge Espinal will be available.
Please, So much love for everyone, stay safe, take care of yourself and your environment in these absolutely crazy times. Check in with your friends. Emotional support can be very very helpful.
Feel free to contact me: or messenger, any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome!