(A.K.A IVAN DECOUD) Is a trombonist and visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Focusing on the intersections of improvised music, composition, physical processes of instruments, noise, movement and electronics, Iván explores the diversity of sound and technique in diverse contexts.  With a passion for media, nature, and technology, Daniel has created a large body of experimental work that evokes both human instinct and industrial innovation. Daniel continues to research ways in which he can deconstruct instrumental functions to find an individual identity as a soloist, collaborator, and sideman. 

Over the past years, Ivan has participated in ensembles and residencies such as The Meeting point, Tim Berne Ensemble, the Jazz and Creative Music (2018) and Ensemble Evolution (2019) Residencies at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada.

Daniel is  currently presenting Lost & Founds comissioned by JACK Quartet and working on a new series of videos called "fritacora"